News Flash – “Reduction in total waste critical to improving air quality” – Quayclean’s focus for World Environment Day

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News Flash – “Reduction in total waste critical to improving air quality” – Quayclean’s focus for World Environment Day

The theme of World Environment Day 2019 on June 5 is “Beat Air Pollution”.

Quayclean and its customers are proud of the initiates and programs we implement to help reduce the amount of air pollution society produces on a daily basis.

Currently, nine out of 10 people across the world breathe polluted air creating a myriad of alarming health conditions which ultimately requires significant investment by governments towards additional health costs.

In Australia, our population has increased by 30% in 20 years, but waste volumes have increased by 170%. Therefore, we must reduce the volume of waste generated in addition to achieving high levels of recycling in our bid to improve air quality.

To the average Australian, air pollution is generally represented by spiralling visual emissions from factories, the choking smell of carbon monoxide from cars and trucks, and the household burning of pungent fossil fuels.

But what is not widely seen is how open waste burning and organic waste in landfills release harmful dioxides, furans, methane and black carbon into the atmosphere, and it is here where Quayclean is playing a leading community role in reducing these toxic emissions.

Quayclean currently collect over 2,200 tonnes of food and organic matter, turning this into waste-to-energy every year. These facilities process food waste to produce green energy electricity and nutrient-rich-by-product fertilisers.

This is a 100% recycling rate for organic matter and an average 70% recycling rate across all waste streams, which is 12% higher than the national average recycling rate of 58%.

South Australia (78%), Victoria (68%) and NSW (59%) are the only states where recycling rates are higher than the national average, therefore communities and business in other states and territories have opportunities to introduce measures to increase the national average.

Collectively, there is much more to be done to boost recycling rates and Quayclean constantly challenges itself and its customers with new ways to drive up recycling rates and reduce the amount of waste going to landfill.

At the Sydney Cricket Ground, we are achieving a 75% recycling rate, while we are targeting an 85% recycling rate at the Sydney Opera House.

Apart from the obvious environmental advantages of reducing the amount of waste going to landfill, there are great savings to be made with effective waste separation.

We also challenge our team and our customers to introduce some quick immediate wins that can help the environment and reduce air pollution.

  • Single Use Plastic – Reduce use and say no to plastic straws. Bring your own bag when shopping and remember your own food containers
  • Recycling – Check for the recycling logo and separate your recyclable waste
  • Food waste – Try composting at home. Over 5 million tonnes of food ends up as landfill in Australia annually and is a huge contributor to air pollution
  • Paper towels – Many paper towels are not recyclable. Check if they are and always use reusable towels at home
  • Plastic dry cleaning bags (plastic) – Put clothes in a suit bag and have them returned in the same single use bag.
  • Coffee Cups – Purchase a reusable coffee cup and remember it every day (sit it with your car or house keys

Individually and collectively we are responsible for our increase in waste volumes and high levels of air pollution.

The solution lies with all of us and Quayclean will continue to lead the charge across our customer network.

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