Quayclean COVID-19 support services

Quayclean COVID-19
support services

The quick spread of coronavirus has called for immense flexibility and adaptability for all our cleaning services. With 18 years of environmental cleaning experience, Quayclean are uniquely qualified to ensure safe, sustainable cleaning in a wide range of environments.

Our method to managing the coronavirus environmental cleaning is focused on 3 key approaches:

Antimicrobial touch
point cleaning

Our trained, equiped and fully employed teams are ready to deploy in your facilities now.

Planned and reactive disinfection cleaning

Our specialised disinfection cleaning kills 99.9% of all surface and airborne bacteria, either as a preventative measure or in response to a suspected or confirmed COVID-19 case.

Safespace certification 

Give your patrons, staff or students confidence that your facility is regularly cleaned and sanitised to the highest standards, through Quayclean’s Safespace certification.

In addition to the above Quayclean through Quay Supply Network has supply capability for a range of sanitiser, disinfectants, hygiene products and PPE.

We keep your team safe

Quayclean are uniquely qualified to complete preventative and reactive disinfection cleaning in any environment

  • Key touchpoint cleaning
  • Disinfection and sanitation services
  • Reliable provision of hand sanitiser, disinfectant wipes and cleaning Consumables
  • Preventative cleaning services, facility preparation prior to ‘re-opening’
  • Fast response times

To help combat the current COVID19 situation, quayclean have introduced a new Safespace initiative. This program has been designed to give patrons, student and staff entering a facility the confidence and reassurance that the highest level of sanitisation and cleaning are in place, to keep them safe. This program also offers communication channels for short videos and animations to be sent out to the general public, staff or students to assure them that all correct procedures are in place, and make them feel confident to return to work, school or sporting / entertainment venues when restrictions are lifted.

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For COVID-19 cleaning services and emergency assistance, contact us using
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