With our hands-on management team and crew of over 600 experienced personnel nationwide, Quayclean is the trusted choice for all your facility & event cleaning and waste management needs.


COVID-19 cleaning services & emergency assistance

With our highly adaptable and flexible approach, Quayclean are uniquely qualified to deliver safe and sustainable COVID-19 cleaning services in a wide range of environments.

COVID-19 Services


Quayclean venue presentation team members talking in a school hall

Site Presentation, Cleaning & Hygiene

Our team provide routine and day-to-day cleaning services, major event & function cleaning and the delivery of scheduled periodical services for our client sites. Our technical capabilities & experience arising from speciality cleaning within the aquatics space have proven to be transferable to a large range of industries.

Quayclean team member pressure washing metal beam in gazebo

High Reach, Glass & Specialty Services

“It’s not just about the chemicals, it’s actually more about the technique and understanding the surface and how it’s used.” – Sash Petrevski, Director

Quayclean’s internal team of trained and experienced experts who can manage a range of speciality services, reducing the reliance on third party contractors. Services include difficult access and high window cleaning, strip & seal and carpet & upholstery cleaning.

Quayclean team member disposing cardboard into a recycling bin

Waste & Recycling Management

Working with our customers to develop and implement better recycling & waste management programs which deliver real cost savings and improved environmental impacts. Quay Sustainable Recycling is specifically focused on supporting the development of strategies that significantly increase recycling and reduce cost over time. We do not co-ordinate or own the trucks or the MRF plants, our sole focus is to contribute the sustainability platform for our customers.


Quay Supply Network

Quay Supply Network is a specialist supplier of hand sanitisers, anti-bacterial hand washes and soaps, hospital grade disinfectants and a broad range of Personnel Protective Equipment. QSN was born from the demand of customers seeking genuine service from product supplies, commercial competitiveness and Australian Made product. It is our mission to source Australian Made Manufacturers for product and much of our initial offering is already Australian Made, particularly disinfectants and sanitisers with alcohol contents of 80%+.

Equipe integrated services

Integrated Facility Services

Delivered under the ‘equipe’ brand, our team provide a range of integrated facility services to our clients including painting services, minor building repairs and grounds services. We find we are able to cost effectively supply a range of additional services to our clients, based on our established knowledge of the facility, utilisation of existing site supervision, and through the deployment of a team with diverse industry experience.

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