Melbourne Racing Club

Melbourne Racing Club

Quayclean has kept Melbourne Racing Club clean and event-day-ready for over 5 years – with another 5 still to come in our current contract.

We are proud to service both Caufield and Sandown Racecourse, in addition to 4 gaming venues throughout Victoria.

Our on-site team provide cleaning and bussing services for all interior and exterior areas, pre, during and post event. We also set up and move furniture for all events at both racecourses.

In 2014 alone, we catered for:

  • 7 major race days
  • Over 15 valedictory dinners with over 10,000 guests
  • 103,000 students sitting exams (including the set up of ALL exam seating!)
  • 50,0000 patrons at the V8 supercars and onsite expos and festivals, including Diwali and Leisure Fest
  • In excess of 150 non-raceday events

Overall, the Caulfield and Sandown Racecourses attract in excess of 500,000 visitors to their facilities.

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