Quayclean commits to UN Sustainable Development Goals

Quayclean Australia has celebrated the 50th anniversary of World Environment Day by pledging a company-wide commitment to six United Nations…

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Quayclean CEO heralds superstar workforce

Quayclean Chief Executive, Mark Piwkowski, described his workforce as “teams of superstars” after completing the busiest period of event works…

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Graphic showing that the Quayclean team worked 66,000 hours at the Commonwealth Games
Quayclean goes to school with new customers

Quayclean Australia has significantly increased its presence in the Australian education sector for the commencement of 2022 after reaching agreements…

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Graphic showing that the coldest day experienced by the Quayclean staff, onsite at Jindabyne, was -8 degrees
Quayclean makes ground-breaking sustainability manager appointment

Quayclean Australia has stepped up its commitment to climate change and creating a sustainable environment with the appointment of a…

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Graphic showing The Sydney Opera House celebrated it's 45th birthday in October 2018
Quayclean creates new QuayXtra speciality service

Quayclean Australia today announced the formation of QuayXtra, a dedicated and highly skilled team of hygiene and cleaning technicians who…

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Graphic showing that 10-2,000 is the average amount of years it takes to break down single-use plastic bags
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