Games outbreak assists Quayclean with managing COVID-19 sites

Quayclean team members wearing COVID-19 (coronavirus) Personal Protective Equipment Response Kits

Games outbreak assists Quayclean with managing COVID-19 sites

Leading Australian cleaning facility company, Quayclean Australia, has drawn on its experience from the 2018 Gold Coast Commonwealth Games to manage and clean facilities and assist customers during the current COVID-19 pandemic.

Quayclean was responsible for cleaning and presentation services for event venues at the Gold Coast Games when there was a number of Norovirus (gastro) outbreaks among athletes and officials.

Quayclean Chief Executive, Mark Piwkowski, said his team are well equipped to manage the safe and complete cleaning of the sites it manages and protect attendees from COVID-19.

“We have successfully completed disinfection cleans for suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 at venues, educational facilities, commercial operators and health care operators across Australia,” said Mr Piwkowski.

“Work has been completed at private schools, aquatic facilities and public venues on the same day of the suspected infection,” he said.
“We treat suspected and confirmed cases the same way and follow guidelines provided by the Australian Health Authority and World Health Organisation,” he added.

All Quayclean offices and major contract locations have been supplied with a specifically designed COVID-19 Personal Protective Equipment Response Kit which includes disposable overalls, face masks, gloves and goggles.

“The kits are designed to protect our team in case of suspected and confirmed cases of COVID-19 and only used by teams trained to focus on suspected or actual outbreaks,” said Mr Piwkowski.

Mr Piwkowski said Quayclean staff are focusing their effort on regular, more routine cleaning of ‘touch points’ with disinfectant and sanitiser.
“Our staff are currently directing their energies towards extra emphasis on sanitising and disinfecting areas such as wiping door plates, handles, waste bins and taps to support necessary preventative maintenance cleaning measures,” he explained.

Mr Piwkowski said Quayclean has increased cleaning support for many clients particularly educational, leisure, healthcare and commercial accounts.

“Many customers have requested additional labour for more consistent rotational cleaning, but this is a decision for each site,” he said.
“Whilst the additional rotational cleaning will assist sanitisation, there is no better solution than ensuring for personnel hygiene, self-isolating if you are unwell, and following the guidelines provided by the Australian Health Authority and World Health Organisation.

Customers have requested additional labour to ensure that rotational sanitising is maintained at a higher level. We are working with clients to identify all areas that have the highest possibility of becoming infected,” he added.

Mr Piwkowski said communication with clients and staff is critical during the current climate.

“We have been speaking with customers and providing regular newsletters regarding the latest information available to us and advising about the cleaning measures we are undertaking to protect their communities.

“Our leaders and supervisors have been conducting ‘tool box’ meetings with our staff on safe operating procedures. The team has been awesome and have responded as expected and I can’t speak any more highly about their attitude and desire to serve,” he said.

UPDATE: Quayclean is proud to announce the launch QuayXtra – a speciality cleaning service designed to address the ever changing needs of clients within the cleaning market.

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