AFL 2020: What’s being done to keep GMHBA Stadium clean during the coronavirus

AFL 2020: What’s being done to keep GMHBA Stadium clean during the coronavirus

A team of cleaners will play an important role when Geelong restarts its AFL season as a team of workers make sure GMHBA Stadium is cleaned to standard.

GMHBA Stadium will receive more than 80 hours of sanitisation in a cleaning blitz for Friday night’s AFL return.

A team of cleaners will be the first to arrive and last to leave for Geelong’s AFL season restart from the coronavirus shutdown against Hawthorn.

Everything from the tops of lockers, inside cupboards, chairs, door handles and light switches will be spotless before players, coaches, umpires, staff and media arrive at GMHBA Stadium.

Surfaces will also be cleaned while players are on the field, and television and radio callers will have a small army of workers diligently making sure nothing is left to chance.

Quayclean chief executive Mark Piwkowski said significant steps had been taken to keep games going.

The equivalent of 22 hours cleaning will be completed prior to any games at GMHBA Stadium and a total of 60 hours following the final siren.

Cleaners will be responsible for decontaminating and disinfecting changerooms, coaches boxes, interchange benches, media boxes, tables, desks, chairs, broadcast areas, lifts, handrails, doorknobs, toilets, fridges, taps, venue control equipment, photocopiers and printers.

Quayclean staff have also completed additional online and practical training for coronavirus cleaning.

Even the Hawthorn rooms will be cleaned. Picture: Alan Barber

Only approved disinfectants can be used.

Piwkowski said procedures were more stringent than traditional cleaning measures.

“We still do the post-clean but the during (of game) clean is as important as the pre-clean,” Piwkowski said.

“The pre-clean is there to give players confidence that when they walk into that room … they own that space then but it’s been cleaned to a particular standard.”

Once surfaces are cleaned, a process called fogging takes place, which involves spraying a fine mist “to ensure there’s a layer of disinfection”.

Piwkowski estimated a team of 12 would be needed to ensure the stadium is kept to standard after a game.

“Before the players arrive on site, all the surfaces they would normally get to … would be cleaned and disinfected,” he said.

“When that group walk into those environments … once they’re there on site, then a team will be coming around just to do touchpoint cleaning regularly to reduce the chance of spread or anybody being infected.

“That would occur two and three times during the course of people being on site.

“Radio announcers are in the rooms and our team would be discretely working in and around their environment a couple of times during the course of the game.

“It’s completely disinfected after everybody has left.”

Thanks to the Geelong Advertiser for an awesome feature on our team over the weekend, welcoming us back to Kardinia Park Stadium Trust & GMHBA Stadium.

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